Photo of the day (9.16.10)

Some countries are more open to public displays of affection than others. In India, “obscene acts” like kissing in public are discouraged, if not downright illegal. In France, amorous couples are practically de rigeur. This photo by Flavio@Flickr taken in Amsterdam, catches a randy couple playing some peekaboo on the street, though he notes that moments later, the police asked them to take their game somewhere more private.

Catch any naughty behavior on your travels? Upload your (hopefully SFW) pictures to Gadling’s Flickr Pool and we might use one for another Photo of the Day.

Daily deal – HP iPaq 111 Classic PDA for $189.99

My daily deal for today is a rarity – it’s a good old PDA. I’m calling it rare, because it’s actually quite hard nowadays to find a personal organizer that is not a phone, GPS unit and camera at the same time.

From my personal experience, I know a lot of people just want something small and easy to use, that does not involve signing up for a 2 year contract or subscribing to an expensive data plan.

The HP iPaq 111 Classic runs Windows Mobile, which means it comes delivered with an email client and pocket versions of Internet Explorer, Word and even Excel.

Inside the device you’ll find Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means you’ll be able to get online at the airport or your hotel when you are in range of a hotspot.

This Classic PDA normally retails for over $300, but currently has it on sale for just $189.99. And while this may be more than many smartphones (the iPhone is just $10 more), it does not involve any monthly fees or contracts.

The iPaq can be expanded using cheap SD cards, and with a 4GB card currently costing under $15, you’ll even be able to turn the device into a music and video playing machine thanks to the built in Windows Media Player.

All in all, the iPaq 111 Classic is true to its name; a rock solid little PDA without trying to be too many things at once.

Survey says: 35% would pick their Blackberry over their spouse

A survey conduced by Sheraton (of the famous hotel chain) reveals that 35% of the respondents would pick their PDA over their spouse.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at these results. Either 35% of people were joking, or we really have turned into a society where email means more than personal relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those weird geeks that checks for email if I wake up in the middle of the night, but to actually pick my Blackberry over my wife?

Some other shocking statistics from the survey:

  • 87% of those interviewed admit that they bring their PDA or smartphone to the bedroom at night.
  • 84% check their email right before nodding off.
  • 80% check their email as soon as they wake up.
  • 62% claim they actually love their PDA or smartphone.

I’m guessing 35% of all Blackberry owners will now be spending the night alone at the local Sheraton. These are probably the same people that suffer from phantom Blackberry vibrations when they are away from their beloved email gadget.