Water in Africa Project

In my post on bucket baths I mentioned the Water in Africa Project by World Wise Schools. For any of you who’ve done adventure travel or have been to remote places, you know what it’s like to have water be an issue. A faucet with clean running water is nirvana.

The Water in Africa Project is the result of a collaborative effort between 90 Peace Corps volunteers, K-12 classroom teachers and Coverdell World Wise School staff members and covers pretty much everything having to do with water in African countries. From what I understand after reading the homepage, the idea of the project came from one person who had enough excitement and vision to generate interest in the folks who could make the project happen. I’m impressed. Collaborative projects thrill me.

The project has lesson plans and resources to keep you reading for hours. If you want to find out about water born illness, water projects, water use, water anything, this is a terrific place to start. The site is one that also keeps being added to as teachers come up with new lessons they’ve created by using the website.