Photo of the day: firecracker in Chennai, India

A friend of mine, Vishaka, was born and raised in in Chennai, India. She has now married another friend of mine, Keith, an American, and they live full-time in Indiana. But every so often, once or twice a year it seems, they make the trip back to Chennai to spend time with family and to keep their ties to Chennai’s culture tight.

This shot captures Vishaka setting off her first firecracker outside of her parents’ house in Chennai. The vibrant light is what I like most about this photo–especially with summer now in full-swing.

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Photo by: Keith Pennington

Taj Mahal From the Outside

Another World Heritage Site that was rated in the National Geographic Traveler article that Erik Olsen mentioned in an earlier post is the Taj Mahal. If you ever get a chance, go. It is a truly stunning piece of architecture that the Indian government knows full well it needs to protect. Of course, there is the slew of folks who clamor to sell stuff to you from the time you hit the parking lot until you get inside, but it’s not the worst experience.

Here is a video from veras films shot outside the Taj Mahal. This is a glimpse of one of the most famous places in the world from a very different angle. The interviews with the kids and the music are wonderful touches.