Photo of the Day (6-10-09)

This shot, “Down by the Riverside” by AlphaTangoBravo/ Adam Baker is filled with mini stories in Toulouse, France. The dog is looking to horizons elsewhere, perhaps? Is the girl in the foreground thinking that her book is a pleasurable companion, or does she notice that others are in pairs and want someone to share the pleasure of the day with her?

What mini stories have you captured with your lens? Send them our way at Gadling’s Flickr Photo Pool. It might be chosen as a Photo of the Day.

Photo of the Day (4/29/09)

In Russia, according to AlphaTangoBravo/ Adam Baker who took this photo, folks are likely to break into song at any place at any time. Of these three, I’d say that the woman is belting it out. Baker said that Americans often get stuck in such situations when asked to sing because they fumble around trying to think of a song. Think show tunes is my motto.

One of the lovely aspects of this shot is how the clothing and the accordion helps set the scene. There aren’t many places I can think of where this wouldn’t be Russia. It’s also wonderful that the chipped and flaking paint is not important when it comes to making connections with others.

If you have a shot of people making connections, or any other one you feel mighty pleased with, send it our way at Gadling’s Flickr Photo Pool. It might be picked as a Photo of the Day.

Photo of the Day (12-17-08)

It’s not usual that a person’s handiwork makes Photo of the Day two times in one week. This week Lola Akinmade‘s shot of this woman in Peru caught my attention. How could it not? Isn’t that vivid red gorgeous?

I also love the way the purple of the woman’s shawl pops against it and how the other reds are just enough of a difference to be distinct. This is a perfect example of the principles of a color wheel.

If you have your own examples of popping colors, send them our way at Gadling’s Flickr Photo Pool. One or two could be chosen as a Photo of the Day. Just ask Lola.

Photo of the Day (10-1-08)

A bit windy isn’t it? This shot by Lola Akinmade in Spain captures the image of the flying coat perfectly. It almost looks like there are imaginary wires pulling it upwards. Can’t you feel the struggle to walk as the wind presses against this man’s face and whips through his hair? The stillness of the background in contrast to the man’s movement adds to the action. This is a right place at the right moment kind of shot–a perfect click of the shutter.

If you’ve taken some pictures with contrast, or just about anything of interest, send it our way at Gadling’s Flickr photo pool for consideration as a Photo of the Day pick.

They Really Are High in Amsterdam!

You have probably all heard it by now. Americans are no longer the world’s tallest people. How much bad news can one take? The dollar is worth close to nothing. Everyone makes fun of Bush. Now Americans are not only the fattest nation but also one of the few that’s actually getting short? Good grief.

The new “tallest people” order goes like this:

  1. The Netherlands (average man is almost 6’1″; average American man is about 2″ shorter)
  2. Denmark (6′)
  3. The Czech Republic (5’11”)

Something tells me the result of this statistic has more to do with strict immigration policies than nutrition…