Towards the end of my work week last week sometime while working in Rockville, Maryland I decided to pop into Yekta, a restaurant specializing in kabob and other fine Persian dishes. It was a good decision too. Normally I would have tried the koobideh (skewered lean ground beef) or kabob-e barg (flattened strips of marinated beef), but since I’m shying away from red meat temporarily I went for the white meat. The chicken kabob was well done. From time to time I find chicken can just be a little too boring for my tastes, but the cooks seasoned this to perfection. I was impressed and the serving was of a decent size which included rice, tomato, and bread. Only thing that didn’t seem to impress me or the person who referred me to the spot were the prices. For kabob it seemed as though they could have lowered the cost by a buck or two, but a meal at Yekta won’t send you into debt either so give it a try!

Yekta is located at 1488 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. (Easily accessible from Washington D.C.) Ph. 301.984.0005.

Aromatic House of Kabob

Walking into Olde City’s Aromatic House of Kabob is like walking into a modern day Persian food asylum
on the opposite end of the world. I stumbled inside one rainy Philadelphia day searching for a dry place to warm up and
refuel. What I found was a soothing trickling fountain in the center of the restaurant, a Hookah bar, and a heavenly
mixture of aromas floating throughout the spaces between dining tables. My friend and I were tucked away in a cozy
corner table underneath the red, glowing, neon lights welcoming guests from the gray streets outdoors to the warm
atmosphere indoors. Now, whenever I enter a Persian restaurant I always inquire about my beloved fesenjoon, hoping that
even if it’s not on the menu someone will hear my hunger cries and whip up a serving big enough to last me for years.
Like most Kabob places fesenjoon wasn’t found on the menu and they weren’t about to prepare the difficult dish just for
me, but my waiter did a fine job picking out a meal that would tickle my fancy and tastebuds just fine that cold

What he pointed me to is the same thing I’m going to point any of you to should you happen to
accidentally or purposely find your way to the establishment – the Super
Persian Sandwich
. This sautéed spinach, tomato, mushroom, feta cheese with your choice of lamb or
chicken blanketed in warm wrapped bread is a crowd pleaser hands down. Look for it under the famous dishes on the menu
and with one bite you’ll instantly know why. I wanted to melt in my seat, cry tears of joy and laughter and order
seconds though the super sized sandwich is quite big enough. Food that tastes good is one thing, but food that evokes
emotions and the courage to breakaway and travel afar is another. While my trip to the Middle East is still patiently
awaiting my arrival you needn’t plan to go so far to taste great cuisine.

The Aromatic House of
is located at 113 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Visit their website at to check out the menu, reviews, or read about the assortment of Hookah flavors available. Phone
ahead by dialing (215) 923-4510. Dishes range from $5.95-$16.95.