Toothbrush holders for the kid in you–or the kids

Willy wrote a post about the Smiley toothbrush holder, a worthy travel pal. Here’s another addition to the how to take your toothbrush with you when you travel, and the how to take care of it when you get to your destination question. The Flipper toothbrush holder brings a zoo and good hygiene to any bathroom or suitcase depending how many people are your traveling cohorts.

Although there are holders available in non-animal designs, what’s the fun in that? The neat thing about the Flipper toothbrush holder is that it can fasten onto a bathroom mirror so you don’t need to worry about your toothbrush dropping onto a dirty carpet or into a questionable sink, or whether the sink counter is clean enough.

The holder is also designed to let moisture evaporate so you’re less likely to get that crud build up. As you move from one place to another, the holder can be taken off and refastened with the bristle end of your toothbrush safely protected all the while.

I like that the holder is in one piece so the top or the bottom won’t go missing. The company also makes razor holders that fasten to a mirror or shower stall using the same concept.