How to Bargain Abroad: The Right Way

There aren’t too many situations on the road where I need someone to hold my hand or baby me, but when it comes to bargaining abroad I stink. I hate bargaining. Just tell me what the item is worth, don’t cheat me and I’ll pay up. That’s how I like to do business, but the rest of the world does not operate this way and to avoid getting ridiculously ripped off I usually recruit a local or friend to walk me through the process. While I’ve watched several buyers score some amazing goods at jaw-dropping, super cheap prices I’ve also seen some bargaining foreigners receive ill looks from the seller. Some prices are insultingly too low. So how does one bargain the right way?

This is where I point you to this WorldHum piece titled the Art of the Deal. Readers walk with Peter Wortsman through the stalls of Marrakesh as he masters how to go about naming the right price and playing a good game. It’s a real good read especially if you’re way out yonder looking to collect gifts for your loved ones or maybe you’re just planning on heading to Macy’s this Black Friday, either way you may learn a thing a two from Peter’s Moroccan encounters. As for me – I’ll never be fond of the bazaar bargain biz.