One for the Road: Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture

The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture is one of the publisher’s bestselling titles, and has been around for awhile. The 800+ page book is an obvious coffee-table staple for design lovers — it features over 1,000 of the most outstanding works of architecture from all over the world that have been built since 1998. With over 5,000 color illustrations, the book covers structures that range from small churches to massive airports.

But it’s a beast of a book, which was why I was happy to recently discover the Travel Edition – a 440-page softcover version that is lighter than some guidebooks. Architecture fans who want to be in the know while on the go may choose to pick up a copy of this smaller companion. The same 1,000 structures are included, but with condensed content about each one. On the plus side, there are additional maps to assist with locating buildings. It seems to be an indispensable must-have for travelers with an eye for design.