SkyMall Monday: Fun Friends Phone Covers

Technology keeps getting smaller and smaller. Televisions are ultra-thin, netbooks let people compute on the go, and, of course, cell phones have gotten downright minuscule. But not all small things are cute. Just ask my ex-girlfriends. Zing! I kid. Seriously, though, we all want our gadgets to convenient and cool-looking. That’s why I’ve clean the SkyMall Monday headquarters with Hello Kitty technology. But when it comes to phones, the only way to jazz them up are with cases. And most cases are drab and practical. Who wants a boring leather case that only douchebags clip to their belts? Other than douchebags, I mean. No, we want some attractive yet pragmatic cell phone cases that show the world that we’re awesome. That’s why everyone needs to pick up a Fun Friends Phone Cover.

Suitable for business and leisure use, the Fun Friends Phone Cover not only protects your phone but will elicit envy from everyone in a 100-foot radius of you. Imagine how easy it will be to find your phone in your purse once it’s enrobed inside that dog (that is a dog and not a guinea pig, right?). If that ambiguous animal isn’t right for you, there are plenty of styles to choose from ranging from Bettie to Larry to Puss Puss.

In case you’re having doubts about why you need a Fun Friends Phone Cover, let’s take a look at the product description for Cheeser:

Cheeser is cute our grey mouse with a white tummy and big ears that will help give your cell phone attitude, while also protecting it from damage.

First of all, I applaud their transpositioning of words. Secondly, I’ve always bemoaned my cell phone’s lack of attitude and had long ago written it off as a bit of a dweeb. But now my phone can have more attitude than Fonzie. And for those of you with bar-style phones, rest assured that there are some Fun Friends Phone Covers for you, too.

Now you’ll be hip and happenin’, and that’s really why we buy gadgets. And you’ll have plenty of friends. Or at least one. A Fun Friend. And that’s all you need, right? RIGHT?!

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