Photo of the day – Icelandic lighthouse

Today’s photo of the day, taken by Flickr user Samer Farha, depicts an Icelandic lighthouse. Nothing speaks to the isolation of the ocean like a lighthouse. This one, taken in the county of Gullbringusýsla in the west of Iceland, is weatherbeaten. And while its bold red stripes may compensate somewhat for its worn state, the overwhelming sense here is of a place stranded at the end of the world.

Got an image of a lighthouse in your personal photo archive? How about another symbol of solitude upon which viewers will be able to project their every last instinct toward wistfulness? Let your fingers run–not walk–to the Gadling Group Pool on Flickr and upload some sentimental magic. If we like what see we might just choose your melancholic image as a future Photo of the Day.

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