Photo Of The Day: Contemplating Lake Como In Italy

In northern Italy, the Alps meet Lake Como at the comune of Bellagio to form some of the most beautiful vistas in Europe. Not only has the region provided inspiration for the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, but it is unequivocally gorgeous. Instagram user Jason Rodman absolutely captured the best thing to do at locations such as this, just sitting alone with your thoughts.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram user jrodmanjr]

Photo of the Day (4/29/09)

In Russia, according to AlphaTangoBravo/ Adam Baker who took this photo, folks are likely to break into song at any place at any time. Of these three, I’d say that the woman is belting it out. Baker said that Americans often get stuck in such situations when asked to sing because they fumble around trying to think of a song. Think show tunes is my motto.

One of the lovely aspects of this shot is how the clothing and the accordion helps set the scene. There aren’t many places I can think of where this wouldn’t be Russia. It’s also wonderful that the chipped and flaking paint is not important when it comes to making connections with others.

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