Iceland photo set

If you enjoy perusing well-shot destination-specific photography, you will enjoy this Iceland photo set without a doubt. Flickr user Vamitos, Carmen Marchena, excels in discovering and documenting magical landscapes and scenes within Iceland for this photo set, aptly named ‘Magicland’. Swooping clouds, blinding sun rays, dramatic peaks and valleys, surrealistic teal-blue glaciers, stunning silhouettes, and dizzying mist all make cameos in this set of photos. So take a moment and explore these carefully taken and well-appointed photos. There are 52 in all, and, in my opinion, not a single one leaves anything to be desired in the realm of sheer beauty. Granted, when working with such a phenomenal muse (Iceland), inspiration is likely not easily lost. Enjoy.

Photo of the day: Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland is also referred to as “Iceland in Miniature”, thanks to the large amount of national sights in the area. Sarah Landau, professional lighting designer and photographer, snapped this photo during a recent trip around Iceland’s coast, otherwise known as “Ring Road”. Home of the Snaefellsnes Volcano, the peninsula, at least in part, can be seen from Reykjavik on clear days.

I’ve been prematurely bullet-pointing my tentative Iceland itinerary for years now. Although I haven’t yet planned a trip and although I desperately hope to do so sooner than later, seeing photos like this one is enough to get me through till my next “Iceland” Google Image Search meltdown.

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