Photo gallery: children of the world

When I’m on the road, children make some of my best new acquaintances. A foreigner with a backpack is a surefire cure to a dull day, and a crowd of giggling kids will make even the most tired traveler smile.

Take this great shot by Robin Lerner, for example. Two Indian kids being silly, like silly kids everywhere. Sad to say, Robin tells us these children were begging at a bus station. When they realized they weren’t going to get any money, they stayed and goofed off with Robin and his travel companions. Poverty hadn’t dampened their spirit and they had a good time with the foreigners practicing their two words of English: “Hello” and “banana”.

I wonder if they taught Robin any of their language? Kids make great language teachers because swapping vocabulary is a game they never seem to get tired of. Most of my Amharic was taught to me by Ethiopian schoolkids, and I learned a lot of Arabic from kids when I used to work in the Middle East. The fact that my ability in both languages is pretty poor is my fault, not theirs!

Rob’s photo summarizes why children are one of the highlights of travel, especially budget and adventure travel that takes you to places where visitors are an uncommon sight. Check out the gallery below for more images of kids around the world, all taken by the talented photographers in Gadling’s flickr pool, plus a couple of cute shots by my wife, who fell in love with the wonderful children of Ethiopia.

Have some nice photos of children in far-off lands? Share them on flickr and you might see your artwork up on Gadling!


Photo of the Day (10/10/07)

When looking for photo for Photo of the Day, I thought kids. Iva’s post about kids and travel got me thinking about what makes kids on a trip fun. They’ll do their thing no matter what’s going on. This shot captures a kid’s world perfectly. Look at the sea of legs. This little girl in Madrid, Spain is not letting being surrounded by adults stop her from a good time. Jon Rawlinson who took this one and posted it on our Gadling pool at Flickr, knows what any photographer of kids knows, get down to their level, be patient and you’ll get exactly the right moment when a rope comes around.

If you have any shots of captured moments, we’d love to see them. Post them on the pool (above link) and you might see one of yours as a Photo of the Day. This one was posted June 2005.