New restaurant at Four Seasons Resort Santa Barbara

‘Tis always the season for exclusivity at a Four Seasons. This season, Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara (excessive names much? It’s like having three daddies) has opened a brand new restaurant, Tydes Restaurant and Bar.

Tydes Restaurant and Bar was designed by Peter Marino at the legendary Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club. The “Coral Casino” has been through a $65 million restoration and is now an exclusive members-only club to which guests of the Four Seasons have access, and Tydes Restaurant and Bar has opened inside of that. Basically, if you want to go there, you probably can’t.

That picture? Is a sketch. You can’t even see it.

More about what you’re missing:

“Critically acclaimed chef Pilar Sanchez, most recently known for her eponymous Napa restaurant, has crafted a tour de force menu that is authentically Mediterranean – creatively combining French, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan influences to create a harmony with the “Riviera” feel of Tydes’ natural surroundings. Constantly in flux with the seasons, it stars fresh seafood such as loup de mer, turbot and daurade flown in from the Mediterranean daily, along with the best ingredients from that part of the world. Also featured are the local region’s freshest produce and meats sourced from local purveyors, including one-of-a-kind artisan foods like bread and cheeses that have been custom created to Sanchez’s own specifications.”

Not exclusive enough? There’s a private dining room within Tydes Restaurant and Bar which seats just eight guests and has views of the ocean and the mountains. The room also opens out onto a sundeck.

If you find yourself on that sundeck, you’ve probably broken out of the matrix. Watch for agents.