Pillow Fight World Cup kicks off in Brooklyn

Eurovision chose a winner this weekend and the Olympics aren’t for another year, so what sporting event will next unite countries and provide entertainment for the world? Tonight is the first-ever Pillow Fight World Cup and participants from Sweden, Japan, Austria, and, of course, the United States are expected to compete. Did we mention the pillow fight entrants are all female? Rest assured, this will be no fluff match. Austria is sending their entire league (yup, they have one) and the Americans have been training with the creator of Punk Rock Pillow Fight.

Get acquainted with the firm but supportive (like a good pillow) contenders on the official PFWC website and go cheer on Team USA tonight. Events kick off at 7pm at Brooklyn’s Polish National Home. Tickets are $20 at the door but a select number are available free if you RSVP fast.

Huge fight between French and German passengers on Lufthansa flight caught on video

In this video, you’ll see the effect of stuffing too many people inside a metal tube, feeding them mediocre food and keeping the temperature a constant 10 degrees too cold or too warm. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the battle – but as you can see, the entire coach cabin was involved, as was one of the poor flight attendants.

Seriously though – I want one of these fights on my next flight, followed by some warm cocoa and freshly baked cookies.