SkyMall Monday: Food Pillows

Some decisions are easy because you simply don’t have a choice. The decision is made for you when there’s only one option. Others force you to pick between two worthy candidates (think ice cream or cookies for dessert). Things get tricky when you encounter more than two viable options. How do you choose from a cornucopia of wonder? Here at SkyMall Monday, we typically engage in heated battles of Rock, Paper, Scissors to make these critical decisions. However, sometimes we become so paralyzed by the options that we can’t make up our minds. What do you do when presented with so many outstanding products? That’s the dilemma we’re facing this week thanks to SkyMall. To solve the problem, we’re turning to you, dear readers. Help us decide which of these will become the Official Food Pillow of SkyMall Monday.Food pillows? They’re pillows that look like foods. Too hard to eat, just soft enough to enjoy. Don’t believe me? Check out the product description:

We dreamed we ate an ice cream sandwich and when we woke up our pillow was gone…

Completely dreamy pillows look like the real thing, right down to the delicious detailing.

Dreamy pillows? That’s a delicious play on words right there!

But which pillow is the most palatable? Let’s look at the contestants:

Sushi – Something smells fishy, but it’s not your pillow. Naps on this will only leave you feeling fresh (though you should probably take a shower because, unlike your pillow, you smell pretty foul).

Cupcake – Ever wish that you could have an extra large cupcake? As if it were some sort of, I don’t know, cake.

Pizza – No need to blot the grease off of this pizza before you plant your face on it!

Ice Cream Sandwich – Not the sexiest option from the Good Humor man, but better than a pillow with a gross gumball nose.

So many fantastic options. But only one can be named the Official Food Pillow of SkyMall Monday. Seriously, we need one of these for SkyMall Monday headquarters. But which one?! Vote below to help us decide!


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Use a t-shirt as a pillow case – Hotel tip

You’ve already gotten the benefit of wearing your t-shirt. Now, make that shirt work just a little harder.

If you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your pillow, the inside of your shirt is probably cleaner (or at least more acceptable) to lie on than a suspect pillowcase. Simply turn the shirt inside-out, slide it over your pillow, and you’re good to go… to sleep.

[Photo: Flickr | bandita]

Ask them to personalize your room – Hotel tip

Many hotels will customize your room based on your personal preferences — even going as far as to make sure you have your favorite pillows and robes in your room upon arrival.

If you have a preference for room location (high or low floor), proximity to elevator, or pillow type (soft, firm, or down alternative), or would like robes or anything else specific in your room, give the hotel a heads-up when booking your room.

As long as they’re not super busy, you’ll find most properties to be very accommodating to your requests.

“Make” your own pillow – Airplane tip

If you’re unhappy with the size (or cleanliness) of the pillows the airlines provide, consider “making” your own.

Bring an empty, gallon-sized, slide-lock, plastic bag on the plane. After you’ve settled in your seat, close the bag nearly all the way, insert a drinking straw into the opening, and inflate the bag halfway. Then wrap the bag with a sweater or scarf and place this under your head.

On long/international flights, place the tiny pillow provided by the airline in the small of your back rather than under your head. The pillow provides welcome lower back support.