For the Perfect Pilsner, Try Plzen.

Willy’s post about the best places to drink beer in Eastern Europe reminded me of my trip to Plzen (Pilsner) in what is current day The Czech Republic. This town is the reason why there is Pilsner beer. The name of the town is where Pilsner got its name and is still a fine place to partake in the good stuff. That’s why we went there.

The Brewery Museum is a place to learn about the town’s beer-making history. Like, back in 1307, every home owner brewed his own beer and the brewery, the Pilsner Urquell has been around since 1842. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a cold one in the original cellars.

Plzen’s website is neatly divided into sections where you can learn about the town’s history and what there is to do. Some of it is in Czech, though. Other sections are videos put to music. The brewery video is a quick way to see how the beer is made. If you hit the play button, the video will appear.