Pinkberry: Coming to a corner near you

Ever heard of Pinkberry? Considering that people line up around the corner at its Los Angeles and New York stores for a taste of the store’s signature frozen yogurt, which is a hit among several celebrities, probably. I’ve never been to Pinkberry, and living up here in Canada, I suppose I probably won’t pay them a visit for a very long time, but you might see a store come to your neighbourhood. That’s right, the bizarrely popular, perversely expensive yogurt chain is expanding. And considering that the Chairman of Starbucks is one of the people working on the deal, expect to see a lot of them.

What’s all the hype about, you ask? Pinkberry offers a selection of tasty, fat-free fro-yos with yummy toppings that you can choose yourself, like chocolate chips, mango and Fruity Pebbles cereal. Still, I’m not sure I would wait in line for it.