Cool or Lame: Pirates of the Caribbean "Updated"

Yes, it has been a long, long while since we did a cool or
lame post. But I couldn’t help myself with this one.

In fact,
I’m throwing a penalty flag here. Sorry, call me old fashioned, call me anti-marketing, whatever, but it seems a crime
to me to change what is probably the best ride at all of Disneyland so that Disney Corp. can work in some marketing
tie-ins to their Pirates film franchise. What, we’re going to see Johnny Depp’s smug mug now among the characters you
see along the ride? That is exactly right, according to the piece. And I’ll bet the Yo Ho Ho song will be updated,
too…probably with the Backstreet Boys singing. 

Ugh. Well, it’s already happening. The Pirates ride
will close March 6 at Disneyland, and will reopen in June, in time for the July 7 release of the Disney Pirate film
sequel, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest."

Lame lame lame.