Is it Possible to Overplan A Trip? Mistakes of the Novice Traveler.

When planning a trip — even a weekend trip! — I tend to do a lot of reading and thinking about what I want to experience. Sometimes I go as far as drawing up an hour-by-hour itinerary of all the things I want to do. Yes, I schedule time for relaxing and getting distracted by interesting things I see along the way. However, I believe that a little time spent preparing for a trip will provide big rewards during a trip. But that’s me: guess I’m anal.

Travel Monkey (a.k.a., Paul) has a slightly different take on trip planning. In his 12 Stupid Mistakes Of The First Time Traveler, the Monkey specifically warns against planning too much and booking too many tours, claiming both stifle flexibility.

I’m on board with that assertion. However, inadequate planning might mean you miss out on an activity you really would’ve enjoyed. Moreover, I think pre-planning increases my excitement for a trip and gives me a better understanding of what I’m looking at while I’m away. Consequently, I find it’s best for me in the long run to plan things very carefully in advance.

Sometimes I wonder, though, if I’ve lost my mind — and the point of a vacation.

[Photo: jurvestson]