Photo of the Day (11.23.10)

The busiest week of travel in America is underway. In the coming days, millions of people will travel from point A to point C (undoubedtly with a long layover at point B) to be with their families and reconnect with friends.

Amidst a week typically remembered for hectic delays, bad weather, long security lines, & missed connections I thought that this stark, beautiful image was an appropriate contrast to the standard holiday madness. This is just one of a series of great airport & airplane images captured by photographer Katie Madeline at LAX.

The combination of a unique perspective, use of black & white, and the reflections on the body of the plane give it a very iconic feel – a fresh look at something I thought I’d seen so many times. If you’re out on the road, in the air, or everywhere in between – capture your best moments and share them with us! It could be our next Photo of the Day!