Photo Of The Day: Venus And Jupiter At Sunset

This week, millions looked to the sky at sunset (or sunrise, depending on your location) to see the Transit of Venus. This now once-in-a-lifetime event – the last time Venus was visible crossing the sun’s path was 2004 – won’t happen again until 2117. Today’s Photo of the Day is from a more frequent event: sunset. Taken by Flickr user woofboy111 in Deltona, Florida, in November 2008, the planets Venus and Jupiter appear as specks over the setting sun. Even if you missed Venus’ voyage this week, you can still see several other planets visible after dusk this month.

We’d love to see your favorite sky photos in the Gadling Flickr pool to be featured as a future Photo of the Day.

Space travel destination: Gliese 581g

Okay, so the name isn’t as sexy as “St. Tropez” or “Bora Bora.” But, you have to admit that “Gliese 581g” does get your imagination going. Why is this such an inspiring destination? Well, it’s the first potentially habitable planet that’s been found! You’d actually have a shot at living there. So, as talk of space travel continues to gain momentum – regardless of how much it may remain in the realm of fantasy for now – it looks like we finally have a place to go.

Gliese 581g has everything you’d want in a space destination. According to The Awl, “it’s around three earths, it’s probably not made of gas, it could conceivably hold on to an atmosphere, and it’s at the right distance from its star, Gliese 581, to have liquid water on the surface.” Get ready for a bit of extreme heat, though: “half of it may or may not be always a 70°C degree daytime and the other half, a -35°C degree night.”

The temperatures may be a bit rough, but I’d still book a ticket for this trip.

[photo by via Flickr]

One for the Road: Planet Earth

The BBC’s much-praised Planet Earth series was shown in the US on the Discovery Channel earlier this year. It was accompanied by the publication of a companion book, Planet Earth: As You’ve Never Seen It Before, which jumped up some notches on the New York Times bestseller list this week, partially due to an encore presentation of the show.

As another year of traveling comes to a close, the book offers wanderers an opportunity to sit back and truly look at the bigger picture: this astounding planet that we all move upon, and all the amazing creatures we share it with! Over 400 color illustrations create a “visual odyssey” of landscapes, packaged beautifully in 300-pages! The spectacular collection of photos takes readers along to remote and far ranging locations – mountains, forests, deserts and rivers, showcasing natural wonders and wildlife from around the world. Nomads from all walks of life will appreciate this hardbound tribute to our shared home.

New Planet Magazine: Journeys Issue

Getting my hands on the latest Journey’s issue of Planet last month was a journey in itself. I’m a Planet junkie – an addict and so the moment word lets out about the release of the quarterly glossy I first squeal with excitement, do a flying drop-kick, regain composure and head to the nearest Border’s Books & Music to pick up a copy. The Spring 07′ issue features a number of well-written pieces spanning the globe from Iraq to Bologna, Italy through Valeria’s digital diary and Omak, Washington where an annual Suicide Race takes place. I must say the Omak suicide race really grabbed my attention and while I won’t be signing up to win the cold-hard cash anytime soon being a potential spectator may or may not be all too bad if I’m ever in the area. Additionally there is a divinity piece on marathon monks which is equally captivating. And when you’re ready to sign off on global arm-chair traveling and into the latest in pop-world-culture take a peek at what Ms. Charlotte Gainsbourg has been up to and look out for her new album if you like that sort of sound.