New Website Customizes Vacations Based On Your Personality

Home & Abroad; Matching People to Places is a rather cool website that will help build your vacation itinerary based upon your personality and likes.

Here’s how it works. Pick from one of the nearly 100 locations featured and then plug in the dates of your trip and the number of days you will be traveling. Then choose an appropriate theme (Action/Adventure, Adult Escape, Artsy, Cupid, Family Time, Connoisseur, History Buff, Inner-Einstein, Local Culture, Musical Journey, Must See, On The Town, Outdoorsy, Take it Easy, Shop till you Drop, Sports Enthusiast, Where the Expert Goes, and World Scholar).

As a test, I settled on Berlin combined with the History Buff category. The site then provided me with 12 pages of places to visit and admission costs for each. After I picked the ones I was interested in, the site created an itinerary based upon average time spent at each location and their proximity to each other. The coolest thing is that each location was nicely plotted on a Google map as well. Unfortunately, the site does not provide information on transport to get there and estimated travel time between sites.

The final page is where the site makes its money. This is where one can order hotels, flights, car rentals, and other travel necessities.

Overall, I was rather impressed with the concept and site. The themes are varied enough to cover most travel desires and personalities and the final recommendations were robust enough to fill up most any schedule. Perhaps what I will use this most often for, however, is finding things to do in my own hometown depending upon the mood I’m in–be it cultural, musical, artsy, adventure or whatever else strikes my fancy.