Dog Tag Tool

Calling all MacGyver’s, Rambo’s, and travel gadget fanatics here’s something I think you’ll enjoy. The Dog Tag Tool runs at $35.98 (purchase at I Want One of Those) and contains an assortment of tools much like a pocket knife. The item can be worn around the neck like a traditional dog tag or toted on a keychain. Tucked inside the little gadget is a bottle opener, Phillips Screwdriver, tweezers, knife with serrated edge, a file with both a coarse and fine side as well as a 3mm LED torch in its arsenal.

I wish I had ordered one of these a few weeks back when I ordered my Road ID. Sure they’re helpful if I collapse while jogging long distances, but the Dog Tag Tool could be used for so many things! Splinters, nail filing, etc. Very, very gnarly.

via Travelizmo