Run Your Own Airline With Pocket Planes For iPhone/iPad

Pocket Planes, a new game from app developer NimbleBit, allows players to do something that I’m sure many of us at Gadling have always dreamed of – run our own airline. The app, which was released a few days ago, runs on both the iPhone and iPad and features deceptively simple, yet highly addictive game play.

Players begin by first selecting a region of the world they want to launch their new airline in and pick cities for their first routes. In the early stages of the game they’ll only have access to a few small planes, which can be used to shuttle passengers and cargo between a limited number of airports. As they gain experience and cash, however, they’ll be able to unlock busier airports, larger and more sophisticated planes and a host of other options.

Don’t let the game’s cartoony graphics fool you; there is a lot of depth and strategy to be found in Pocket Planes. You’ll have to learn to use your limited resources wisely if you want to turn your fledgling airline into an international powerhouse. Managing your budget can be key and learning to have your planes in the right spot at the right time can help the bottom line too. World events will play into your strategy as well and unexpected bad weather, which can close airports and leave planes grounded. There is even a social element to the game that lets you join forces with others online to acquire more wealth and build an even bigger empire.

The game starts a bit slow but as you add more planes to your fleet and pick up new routes you’ll soon find that you have plenty to do. That’s when the addiction will start to set in as you manage your resources and work to optimize the flights to be more efficient. It all sounds rather droll, but I assure you it is a lot of fun.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try the game for yourself? It is absolutely free and available for download in the App Store.