Scottevest’s Hidden Cargo Pants

I’m not crazy about cargo pants, because I don’t like all that weight flopping and bulging around my thighs as I walk. However, for people who like to carry lots of little stuff with them when they travel, Scottevest’s Hidden Cargo Pants may be a Godsend. In fact, their “No Bulge” layered pocket design allows you to carry all your stuff without those ugly bulges.

Looking just like a regular pair of khakis, the Hidden Cargo Pants feature 11 pockets and compartments. Boasting magnetic closures, a “Personal Area Network,” and Teflon-treated exteriors for clumsy travelers, the $80 Hidden Cargo Pants are like a suitcase for your body.

Do these cargo pants live up to their hype? According to the Gadgeteer, the pants are “great for traveling around as pickpockets will hate them!” Pocketnow (geesh, there’s a blog for everything!), claims they’re going to order multiple pairs.