Digital technology meets art with a floating orchestra of ping pong balls

The Poietic Studio in London in the United Kingdom has combined technology with art in their new exhibit, the Floating Orchestra. Here, 19 ping pong balls come to life, becoming orchestral instruments that increase in volume as each ball rises. By manipulating each ball, you can create your own symphony of music. And, how is this all controlled? By technology, of course, via the touchscreen of an iPhone.

The Poietic Studio has a unique approach to art, focusing on “people’s fundamental joy of play, curiosity, and exploration”. Their practice is multidisciplinary, with backgrounds in art, engineering, and interactive and spatial design. By exploring the bounds of imagination, technology, and science, Poietic Studio is able to create “unique mechanical structures that offer memorable experiences whilst celebrating the poetics of engineering”.

Want to see how the Floating Orchestra works for yourself? Check out this video:

Floating Orchestra from Poietic Studio on Vimeo.