Driving the World’s Hottest Cars

When travelers arrive at a destination they often rent a car. For some people, however, the rental car is the destination.

That’s the idea behind World Class Driving. This Delaware based company has put together a rather astounding fleet of luxury automobiles which most car enthusiasts can only dream about driving. WCD makes it a reality.

The company organizes driving events throughout America in which participants can drive each of the cars in its fleet; a Ferrari F430, Lamborgini Gallardo Spider, Ford GT, Porsche GT3 (or the Aston Martin Vanta) and the $480,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren Supercar (above).

Participants drop a whopping $1,295 for the once-in-a-lifetime experience and can spend 25 minutes with each car driving a designated route on open roads.

But don’t get too excited.

A rather limiting, but understandable list of rules can really harsh the experience:

No speeding
No reving engines
No radio use / no cell phone use
No burn-outs
Traction control must stay on

In addition, a “black box system” will monitor the drive to ensure none of this happens. Oh, and don’t expect to take out the half million dollar SLR McLaren on your own. A staff member will be sitting in the passenger seat making sure you don’t put a $50,000 ding in the fender.

Speed Limit on the Autobahn? Nein!

German drivers suffered a major shock this week. The EU environment commissioner has requested that Germany imposes a speed limit on the Autobahn in order to cut carbon emissions.

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (or BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen) promptly replied that “Germany needed no coaching from Brussels on climate protection.”

The way EU regulation is going, something tells me Germany won’t be able to get away with this no speed limit thing for long. So, if you are dying to test out that new Porsche on the Autobahn, better do it fast.