Daily gear deal – Audiovox 7″ DVD player kit with bonus car kit for $90

My daily deal for today is perfect if you are planning to load your kids in the car and take them cross country, and would prefer to keep them entertained with something other than 12 hours of “I Spy” or an exciting game of “are we there yet”.

This Audiovox 7″ DVD player comes complete with 2 folding headphones, a carrying case and a car headrest mounting kit. You even get a remote control, which means you can pause their favorite movie and tell them to stop kicking the back of your seat.

The player has a built in 3 hour battery pack, which means it is also suitable for taking along on your next plane ride, since almost none of the legacy airlines offer anything decent for kids to watch.

In addition to movies, it will also play CD’s with MP3 music. The player with bonus car kit is on sale at Amazon for just $89.99, with free shipping.