Bermuda’s Port Royal Golf Course hosts PGA

While many people celebrate fall, there are people like me who still long for warm summer breezes. That’s why Bermuda is such a popular destination for people in the Northeast. It’s no surprise that the PGA Tour chose to have it’s Grand Slam of Golf at Bermuda’s Port Royal Golf Course. With temperatures still in the high 70s on the island and a course that rivals the best in the world, Bermuda in October is a great place to watch some of the best golfers on the tour battle it out. It doesn’t hurt that you can have a perfectly made Dark ‘n’ Stormy right at the club.

David LaHuta, an expat living in Bermuda, took a tour of Port Royal and made a pretty entertaining video of his experience. Check it out below and be sure to read his accompanying blog post. Sure beats throwing on another layer of clothes on this gray New York autumn day.

Photo courtesy of David LaHuta.