Ancient Indian Site Discovered Next to Highway

Another sign of prehistoric Indians has been found in Indiana. This discovery is due to a highway that is supposed to be widened. According to an article I read, the owner of the property where the mound is thought to be is currently not letting folks examine the area to see what’s what. Regardless, I’d say the highway project is definitely stalled until this issue is resolved.

If you want success in seeing where the ancestors of the Woodland Indians lived in Indiana and to see what the mounds they made look like, head to Mounds State Park. The park has 10 “earthworks” structures that are thought to have been built by the Hopewell-Adena people who lived in this part of the world 2,000 years ago. The mounds are called mounds because they look like mounds. You might think look like hills unless you knew that they once served as ritual gathering places. Certain mounds have been excavated by Ball State University folks to uncover things like tombs, pottery and garbage pits. Indiana used to have loads of them but farming and artifact hunting changed that.

The ancient world impacting the modern world is an interesting concept to contemplate. Time might march on, but sometimes we do stop and notice.