Princess Diana: Memorabilia on Tour

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer has given a thumbs-up to Diana, A Celebration, an exhibit at the Western Reserve Historical Society Museum in Cleveland. He thinks the museum is well suited to showcase the items he helped to curate. The exhibit, which is also raising money for charities funded by Diana’s Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, is a chance to see different parts of Diana’s life through the memorabilia she once owned and wore. According to the exhibit’s description, it looks like one of the nine galleries loaded with stuff is devoted to the wedding, complete with tiara, wedding gown, shoes and bridesmaids’ dresses. Besides being a fashion retrospective, this traveling exhibit also gives insight into her childhood, her comings and goings as royalty and her charity work.

The exhibit will be in Cleveland until June 10. Since I missed this when it was in Dayton, Ohio I might just have to take a trip north. It would be a lot cheaper than going to Althorp in England, the Spencer family ancestral home where the exhibit has been on display since 1998. Considering the admission price ($25.50 with an audio component, $20 without) is partly going to charity, the price doesn’ t seem as steep. If you feel compelled to find out if the exhibit is worth it, there’s a preview and a detailed description of what you will see on the website. You can also shop!