Embraer’s private jet allows for toilet take offs and landings

Two hours into a Tarmac delay, have you ever wondered why passengers aren’t allowed to be in the lav during taxi and takeoff? It’s actually got to do with the FAA rules for protecting a passenger during a potential crash — there have to be enough restraints in place to provide ample protection, and without a seatbelt and surrounding support a toilet-bound passenger could be in serious trouble in an emergency.

Seems like a reasonable restriction for commercial passengers, but what about high paying private passengers? Brazillian airframe manufacturer Embraer has your solution: seatbelts on toilet seats. The Phenom 100, Embraer’s very light business jet is just about to get approval from the FAA for toilet assisted take-offs and landings, meaning that luxury passengers wont have to move from their comfortable spot before leaving the Tarmac.

According to SeattlePi, current Phenom 100 owners will be able to upgrade their equipment later this year.

Daily Pampering: Private jets with JetSuite from $999 one-way

When commercial airlines get too complicated, why not opt for your own private jet to get you where to need to be. JetSuite, a 4-seater private jet, was developed by industry veteran Alex Wilcox and several other founding members of JetBlue Airways to offer travelers a little more luxury in-flight.

JetSuite’s fleet of Embraer Phenom 100 jets are some of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in their class with speeds up to 450 miles per hour, an operating altitude of up to 41,000 ft, and a glamorous interior cabin designed by BMW. It also has one of the largest baggage compartments in its category, alleviating the stress of lost baggage when you arrive at your destination.

Starting at $999 for a one-way flight, this could be a great option for friends wanting to whisk themselves away for a weekend or the CEO needing a last-minute flight to a business meeting.
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Contest offers ‘maybe the best trip ever’!

A new contest sponsored by Black Star Beer promises to give the winner one heck of a prize, sending them off on a jet setting vacation that will offer everything from outdoor adventure to an unforgettable taste of luxury.

The contest is dubbed “Maybe the Best Trip Ever“, and that seems a pretty apt description actually. The winner, and five of their closest friends, will get things started by heading to Whitefish, Montana, where they’ll not only tour the Great Northern Brewery, but also mix in some outdoor adventure as well. This stage of the trip will include hiking and camping in Glacier National Park, whitewater rafting on the Flathead River, and fly fishing with a master angler. And when they’re finished with their adventurous escape to the Montana backcountry, the group will board a private jet for Las Vegas, where they’ll relax and party poolside, while getting the VIP treatment at the Palms Casino and Resort.

The winner will also have the opportunity to practice with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. (The press release promises a professional basketball team, but we’ll have to settle for the Kings) They’ll receive a sweet HD video camera to document the entire experience, along with plenty of other swag to outfit the entire group. If all of that wasn’t enough, Black Star is throwing in another six round trip tickets to destinations of your choosing, just in case you need a vacation from your vacation.

To enter the contest, simply go to the Black Star Facebook Page and click on the banner. Who knows, maybe you’ll be sent off on the best trip ever!

Paris Hilton tweets from her on-board bed in her private jet

It’s good to be rich. For most of us, we’re lucky if we get upgraded from economy class to business class. For Paris Hilton, economy class and business class are like riding in the back of a Plymouth Pacer.

The multi-millionaire hotel heiress gave us a peak into her world at 35,000-feet when she Tweeted a picture of herself reclining on a bed on her private jet as she flew to Paris, France. She was on her way to the namesake city from London when she reminded followers via twitter how much she loves London. And who wouldn’t love London if you leave and arrive in this kind of style?

London’s Daily Mail grabbed a hold of some of the party princess’s pics of herself on the jet – one of her on a double bed and another of her posing on a leather sofa.

Who knew planes could be this roomy?

Luxury air travel not taking off

While other areas in the travel industry are talking about a recovery, luxury travel remains in rough shape. In fact, it’s only on long-haul flights that the big spenders are even asking for upgrades, let alone chartering flights or firing up their own planes. According to Peter Yesawich, CEO of travel marketing firm Ypartnership, “Luxury air travel has essentially been grounded.”

Meanwhile, the airlines are struggling for ways to restore the revenue they used to be able to pull in from its top passengers. Notes Yesawich, “It’s said that real profit in any flight is front of plane. The rest covers the overhead.”

While Delta and British Airways are playing with in-flight amenities for first class passengers, such as showers, it doesn’t compare to the relatively blissful conditions offered on the likes of Eos, which no longer exists. People with private jets are buying airline tickets more often, it seems, though fractional jet ownership remains fairly popular among those with means to access it.

Despite the shift in conditions, one thing remains true, according to Mike Weingart of Travel Leaders: “The super rich fly anyway they want.”