Scared of losing your job? JetBlue extends their “Promise Program” till the end of the year.

We covered the JetBlue “promise program” back in February, and since the economy is only slowly starting to show signs of recovery, the airline just announced that they’ll extend their promotion till the end of the year.

Essentially, the Promise Program means anyone who loses their job before taking their trip will get a full refund of their fare. The promise applies to regular JetBlue airfare as well as JetBlue Gateway vacations.

Of course, the airline will need some proof that you really did lose your job, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on some of the fine print involved. Sadly, the deal only means you can cancel the trip and get your money back, not take the trip and get your money. Still, it is probably better to get that cash back and plan a staycation, than take a trip you know you will no longer be able to afford.

All the details of the JetBlue Promise Program, including the required forms to cancel your trip, can be found at their promotion web site.

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