Travelers put JetBlue all-you-can-fly deal to the test

When JetBlue announced its All-You-Can-Jet Pass in August, many frequent flyers scrambled to purchase one before the airline pulled the plug on the popular promotion. Those who didn’t have much flying planned let the deal pass them by. And others decided to view the offer as a challenge – a reason to fly as much as they possibly could over the course of the month for which the Pass was valid.

Two of those travelers are Clark Dever and Joe Dinardo, who will take 49 flights in the 31 days between September 8 and October 8. They’ll visit 29 cities – spending 12 hours each in city – sleeping on planes, showering at the gym, and relying on friends to meet them in New York with fresh clothes every few days. They’ll also be blogging about their adventures at Twelve Hours in a City.

Jennifer Milano also took advantage of the Pass, and created a website to help other All-You-Can-Jetters connect, share their stories, and help each other out with places to stay and travel advice. Another traveler, Greg Krause, is using his Pass to help raise money for a charity. He’ll be visiting 24 cities and collecting money for a school in Zambia that his parents created. The money will be used to fund the purchase of a vehicle that will bring supplies to the school. Krause is documenting his travels and accepting donations on his website, 30 Days on JetBlue

If you weren’t able to drop everything to see how much you can fly in 31 days, at least you can follow along with the adventures of these non-stop flyers as they push the limits of the All-You-Can-Jet offer.

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JetBlue quits flight pass deal

You can’t jet as much as you want any more, as discounter JetBlue has suspended its “All You Can Jet” promotion. The deal offered fliers unlimited flights for a month for only $599.

To JetBlue’s surprise (but nobody else’s), the program was quite successful. The airline is taking advantage of the “while supplies last” comment in the promotion. Since the airline ran out of passes, it won’t keep the deal alive until Friday.

JetBlue does cite the realistic concern about seat availability: if too many people have passes, it could become impossible to accommodate everyone who’s entitled. Of course, the world is silent on whether oversized passengers need to buy two monthly passes, based on the growing airline trend regarding growing fliers.

Tampons with parachutes being dropped on Dutch beaches

Bet that headline grabbed your attention? Good. Imagine lying on the beach enjoying the summer sun, and watching thousands of tampons being thrown out of a plane. You watch in amazement as a huge pink cloud of parachutes descends on the sand.

The PR stunt was the idea of tampon firm Libresse, and took place at six of the most popular Dutch beaches. The video clip is in Dutch, but I’m sure you’ll get an idea of the message (and the target audience).

The tampons are not being given away just for fun, the manufacturer is trying to convince women that tampons are a “must have” in the beach gear bag. According to the PR dude, 1 in 7 women avoid the beach during “that time of the month”.

Of course, the Dutch “Green Party” has already objected, and is trying to get the law changed so these promotional stunts won’t be permitted in the future.

Day in the Cloud goes live at 30,000 feet

Earlier in the month, we told you about Virgin America and Google’s Day in the Cloud Event. And yesterday, I let you know that I would be on board one of the competing flights to take part in the event at 30,000 feet. And that’s exactly where I was this morning as I answered trivia questions, solved puzzles and joined thousands of people on Virgin America flights and on the ground competing to win tons of great prizes. I even tweeted for Gadling during the flight. So, what happens when technology, puzzles and flying intersect? Organized chaos and lots of fun.

I was on flight 921 from LAX to SFO. A competing flight from SFO to LAX was attempting to beat the best score on our flight. But there was one glitch: there were log-in issues when it came time to connect to the gogo in-flight wifi. It seems that there may have been problems with the company that handles the billing for the internet service. So, when a plane-load of people attempted to log into the system simultaneously, a Day in the Cloud became, temporarily, a day at the “still loading” screen.

Eventually, most of the issues were worked out. They even found the bandwidth for Good Day LA to broadcast live on the flight. Reporter Suzanne Marques covered the event and you may even spot me when you watch her segment (Hint: I’m wearing a Gadling t-shirt).

Google created the game and put together a tough contest. I was seated next to professional puzzle designer and competitor Wei-Hwa Huang, who was invited to take the challenge. He seemed to have a much easier time solving the puzzles and finding the answers in Google Apps than I did. His mental gymnastics and fast fingers resulted in the highest score of anyone on the two competing flights, which meant that everyone on Flight 921 walked away with prizes.

What can we learn from the Day in the Cloud? Well, in-flight wifi is here to stay, but, there are still some kinks to work out. For one, gogo sets the pricing for the airlines but they are considering lowering the costs to entice more users. Right now, many people find it too expensive. Also, the 3G network, while reliable, is still glitchy at times, especially if there is a rush of people logging in. However, I was impressed with the overall speed and reliability of the system once things settled down a bit and I’d defiitely utilize the service in the future.

The Day in the Cloud contest is running all day today, so you can still compete at home, in the office or on a Virgin America flight. Remember, though, that when the captain puts on the Fasten Seatbelt sign, that you need to return to your seat, buckle up and put your thinking cap on. My bad jokes, like wifi on Virgin America flights today, are free.

Free drinks on Wednesday Virgin America flights

Nothing beats the mid-week travel blues like a good bevvy when you’re up in the skies. Whether it’s straight up Jack Daniels with a dash of Tobasco sauce or straight shots of Skyy vodka, a little bit of spirits always helps take the edge off a flight. Just ask Kato Kaelin.

Virgin America knows this well, having served the likes of Richard Branson, Playboy bunnies, Victoria’s Secret models and rock stars. So they’re kicking off a promo offering free drinks on select Wednesday flights for the next five weeks.

Flights 313 from JFK to LAX, 1839 from SFO to LAX, 1777 from SFO to LAS and 1852 from LAX to SFO will all be participating in the promotion.

Furthermore, if you flash your boarding pass at select destination hotels, you can score a few more drinks and special room rates. These include the W Hotel in San Francisco and The Venetian out in Vegas.

So stop by the airport bar on the way to your Wednesday flight coming up, grab some pretzels and get thirsty. Flying Virgin is a real treat and you’ll be extra happy when you get free drinks and start chatting with the hottie in 7C. Check out Gadling Flies Virgin America to read more about the perks.

Make sure you also check out the promo page where you can get exact flight times, see all of the participating partners and read the 38 pages of fine print.

Debauchery at 35,000 feet?

Just ask these girls…