Free drinks on Wednesday Virgin America flights

Nothing beats the mid-week travel blues like a good bevvy when you’re up in the skies. Whether it’s straight up Jack Daniels with a dash of Tobasco sauce or straight shots of Skyy vodka, a little bit of spirits always helps take the edge off a flight. Just ask Kato Kaelin.

Virgin America knows this well, having served the likes of Richard Branson, Playboy bunnies, Victoria’s Secret models and rock stars. So they’re kicking off a promo offering free drinks on select Wednesday flights for the next five weeks.

Flights 313 from JFK to LAX, 1839 from SFO to LAX, 1777 from SFO to LAS and 1852 from LAX to SFO will all be participating in the promotion.

Furthermore, if you flash your boarding pass at select destination hotels, you can score a few more drinks and special room rates. These include the W Hotel in San Francisco and The Venetian out in Vegas.

So stop by the airport bar on the way to your Wednesday flight coming up, grab some pretzels and get thirsty. Flying Virgin is a real treat and you’ll be extra happy when you get free drinks and start chatting with the hottie in 7C. Check out Gadling Flies Virgin America to read more about the perks.

Make sure you also check out the promo page where you can get exact flight times, see all of the participating partners and read the 38 pages of fine print.

Debauchery at 35,000 feet?

Just ask these girls…