Photo of the Day – Lightning storm

There’s something powerful and strangely eerie about today’s lightning photo by Flickr user fdean55. The spindly tendrils of light, glowing clouds and ominous sky suggest a scene of foreboding and, at the same time, natural beauty. Like many of the best travel shots, it’s a photo of a beautiful fleeting moment captured by the fortuitous click of a camera shutter. Be ready – you never know when inspiration may hit!

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Photo of the Day (11.22.09)

Today’s photo comes to us from Flickr user SuBho_Photography, who caught this vibrant, dynamic shot. Though the photo doesn’t say where it was taken, I picture the scene somewhere along the Ganges in India. I particularly like the sense of movement and rich colors: the arc of purple liquid, the man’s outstretched arm and the tiny circular depressions from raindrops on the river surface. It’s an image that feels full of life and rich detail.

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