Quick Pass Luggage Tag

In those last few moments before going through security, I always fumble with my wallet, watch, keys, and coins. Sometimes I throw them in the plastic bin and send them through the X-Ray machine, but I don’t feel very comfortable doing that. Other times, I shove the items inside a pocket in my carry-on, but they usually slip out of reach, making it difficult to access them after leaving security. With the Quick Pass Luggage Tag, these problems are a thing of the past.

The Quick Pass Luggage Tag is a mesh bag that attaches to your luggage. Most of the time, the 4¼” x 3″ pouch serves as a luggage tag — complete with an adjustable buckle strap and business card-sized ID window. When you’re heading through security, however, the small pouch unfolds, allowing you to stuff all your sensitive items into it for the journey through security. Conveniently strapped to your luggage, the $10 Quick Pass is sort of like a carry-on for your carry-on.