Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?

If you’re anything like me, you love a good quiz. Conde Nast has a fantastic article in this month’s issue on page 61 that explores the various types of “Travel Personalities.” Christian Wright’s “Head Trips” (also available online) is so good that even if you disagree with their assessment of your travel preferences, you’ll still be likely to forward this one around to your friends and co-workers. He describes the birth of the study of travel habits:

The scientific study of the relationship between personality and travel started more than 30 years ago, when 16 companies-including TWA and Reader’s Digest-commissioned social scientist Stanley C. Plog to find out why nearly 75 percent of the population had never flown. The airlines had just ordered jets, and their capacity was about to increase by twenty percent,” says Plog. “They were wondering how they were going to fill these things.”

What’s really impressive is that they take a stab at outlining your media, shopping and sports preferences as well as listing suggested domestic and international trips for your particular travel personality type. I was pegged for a “Centric Venturer” which I totally agree with but they were off on nearly everything else in terms of habits. Take a guess at which one they’ll peg you for then take the quiz and let us know if you agree