Three Free Transportation Options For Those Who Need Them Most

Transportation options for most travelers give a choice of going from one place to another by air, land or sea – if they can pay. To those challenged by economic factors or health concerns, payment is often not an option, making travel planning nearly impossible. But a few companies and organizations are jumping in to the holiday travel spirit with both feet, offering much needed assistance to those who need it most.

A free bus ride for the unemployed in Great Britain is the result of a deal with UK bus operators, eligible to over 800,000 people. Those unemployed between three months and a year qualify for the Bus For Jobs offer.

“Bus for Jobs could make the vital difference for those who are struggling to get that first job or training place” said Sir Brian Souter, the chief executive of Stagecoach Group. “In particular, I hope we can help more of our young people make a better start in life.”

Commuting to work via bus takes 70 percent of UK workers to their jobs. Now, those who are actively hunting for work or training have another helping hand at their disposal.Compass To Care provides travel assistance to kids battling cancer. The nationwide program, founded by an actual childhood cancer survivor, is funded by donations to help families of child cancer patients with gas, hotel stays and food if they live more than 60 miles from their treatment center.

Knowing that “every difficult journey is easier when you have a friend by your side,” as Compass To Care states on its website, they offer those interested in helping the Dina Doll ($20) who will be “a constant pal to bring the lucky recipient lots of smiles.”

Like other charitable organizations, Compass To Care has events where participants can sponsor a child. RAGBRAI, The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state of Iowa and the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world.

Compass To Care will match cyclists with one of their kids that they will specifically raise funds to support.

Working Cars For Working Families provides a reliable vehicle for low-income people who do not live in an area with good public transportation. That lets them do things others take for granted, like visiting the doctor, taking children to school or daycare, getting more training or going on job interviews that require travel and more.

For these people, the hurdles to car ownership are huge and they may have no place else to turn. 1800CharityCars helps by facilitating the donation of used cars, online, every step of the way. At the end of the three-step process, those who donate a vehicle get the full fair market value as a tax-deduction when 1800CharityCars provides donated vehicles to a deserving family.

1800CharityCars provides vehicles to victims of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes as we see in this video:

[Image Credit- Flickr user Chris JL]

The Top 10 American Adventures (According to National Geographic)

National Geographic Adventure has posted a great list of their choices for the Top 10 American Adventures, offering up plenty of great ideas for adventurous vacations that are close to home. Each of these ten adventures includes a video as well, giving us the opportunity to see first hand just why they deserve to be on the list.

From top to bottom, there are some excellent suggestions for summer vacations for anyone who isn’t looking to add a stamp to their passport in the near future. For instance, the number 10 adventure on the list is SCUBA diving in the waters near Grand Portage, MN. This portions of Lake Superior is littered with shipwrecks, making it an ideal dive spot for those wanting to stay close to home. National Geographic also points out that these are freshwater wrecks, meaning they are far better preserved than their saltwater counterparts in places like Fiji or Mexico.

Looking for an adventure that stays above the surface? Willing to peddle for a few days? Then perhaps RAGBRAI is more what you’re looking for. Sponsored by the Des Moines Register, RAGBRAI stands for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. The seven day cycling tour is as challenging or leisurely as you want to make it. The event has taken place for years, and more than 10,000 riders are expected to take part this July. RAGBRAI is an interesting mix of physical challenge, midwest hospitailty, and summer fun, all rolled into one great event, and the nightly parties are legendary as well. The classic bike ride comes in at number 7 on the list.

Of course, there are eight other great adventures as well, ranging from hiking in the High Sierra to canoeing in the Adirondacks. There is something for everyone, no matter where you live. So don’t let the summer pass you by without taking part in one of these amazing trips.