‘Mile Runners’ are in it for the long haul

A group of frequent flier hustlers is so obsessed with wracking up miles they are willing to do absurd acts such as flying around the world in 48 hours or going through Detroit five times on a single trip just to earn freebies.

For $320, Randy Petersen accrued a marathon of 35,000 miles for the following flight sequence: YXU-DTW-ATL-SFO-JFK-DTW-ATL-SEA-YVR-MSP-DTW-NRT-LAX-DTW-MSP-YVR-DTW-YXU-DTW-MSP-YVR-DTW-JFK-NRT-ATL-MSP-YVR-MSP-DTW-YXU. That’s a roundtrip flight from London that passes through Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Detroit (again), Atlanta (again), Seattle, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Detroit (third time), Japan, Los Angeles, Detroit (fourth time), London (again), Minneapolis (again), Vancouver (again), Detroit (fourth time), New York (again), Japan (again), Atlanta (third time), Minneapolis (third time), Japan (third time), Minneapolis (third time), Detroit (fifth time) and finally back to London.

Petersen, who co-founded the frequent flyer community MilePoint.com, seems to think the upgrades are worth hours of sitting on planes and in airports. “It’s a ratio of travel time vs. distance flown vs. cost vs. end game,” says Petersen. “A mileage runner for value always wants to accrue miles at a low cost and then redeem at a high cost.”

Is the multiple-leg jog throughout airports around the world worth perks like a priority boarding, access to airport lounges, and maybe a few free tickets? It’s a question Shira Levine examines for Fox News.

Vote for (or against) the airline of your choice in the Freddie awards

It is that time of year again – the airlines and hotel chains of the world will all be competing for your vote, and a chance to win an award in the 21st annual Freddie awards.

The first Freddie award ceremony was held in 1988 and was named after commercial aviation pioneer Sir Freddie Laker. Sir Freddie passed away in 2006, but his name lives on in these awards.

The awards focus on several aspects of the loyalty program offered by these companies, and your vote determines who has the best program and perks in the industry.

The various categories you’ll get to vote in are:

  • Best Award
  • Best Bonus
  • Best Affinity Credit Card
  • Best Newsletter/Member Communications
  • Best Web Site
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Award Redemption
  • Best Elite Level
  • Program of the Year