Photo Of The Day: Petronas Towers Reflection

It’s tough to take a bad photo of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As it turns out, even when you’re not aiming your camera at the towers you can still get a great shot of them, as Flickr user BaboMike demonstrates in this long exposure of a reflecting pond near their base. The polish of the twin towers’ Islamic-inspired futurism is apparent from any viewpoint in the city, but in the pond they’re given a grittier, almost Gotham-like mood. If you’d like to see your great shots on Photo of the Day, share them with us in Gadling’s Flickr pool.

Photo Of The Day: Flamingos At Lake Nakuru

Today’s magnificent shot comes to us from Flickr user John Overmeyer, who captured this elegant image of flamingos feeding at Kenya’s Lake Nakuru. The lake’s high concentration of algae attracts huge flocks of the birds and other wildlife to the area, bringing with them plenty of nature photographers. I love the washed out colors, the various poses of the different birds and their hazy reflections in the water below.

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[Photo credit: Flickr user John Overmeyer]

Photo of the Day – Shanghai Architecture

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or been online in the last five years, you’re probably well-aware the media has crowned China the country of the 21st Century. It’s hard to visualize this abstract notion. What does it mean? Today’s photo, by Flickr user toffiloff, looks like what I picture when I think of “21st Century China”. Taken at Shanghai’s World Financial Center, the photo’s shiny mirrored surfaces, sleek angles and muted colors all suggest newness, modernity and progress. Is it a sign of things to come? Or simply a mirror of our what we expect China to be?

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Photo of the Day (4.4.2010)

For all the great things happening in Flickr user leahgoodman’s photo, it’s the colors that first catch your eye. The faint sky blue of the rickety rowboat pairs nicely with the flowing cloak of the mysterious figure sitting on the riverbank, tying the objects together in a kind of visual interplay. Does this unknown person own the boat? What are they thinking about? Like the very best photos, it’s a series of questions left to the viewer to decide.

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Photo of the Day (3.28.2010)

It’s extremely hard to take good photos of wildlife. Animals move around a lot, many are active only at night and in the case of sharp-tooth predators, getting close can be downright hazardous to your health. That’s why I’m loving Flickr user toffiloff’s up-close-and-personal crocodile photo, taken at the Singapore Zoo. Sure, the danger element is gone, but there’s plenty of great technique at work here: the depth-of-field close-up on the croc and the beautiful reflection in the water’s glassy surface lend the image a true “National Geographic” feel. It makes a nice companion to this shot from earlier this month, doesn’t it?

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