Minding the gap

I find it funny how the London tube is so adamant about warning passengers about the gap between the subway platform and the train. Sure, it’s an big hole in the ground and you could fall into it if you weren’t paying close attention, but risks like this are everywhere and on some platforms without warnings, the gap is much larger. On the RER in Paris, I could fit a donkey in it (pictured).

Obvious warnings like this always make me think about Drew Carey’s commentary on the Nanny State. Is it really necessary to warn people about everything? At which point should common sense take over?

There is an inherent risk in traveling. Whether this is getting hit by a bus, dying in a plane crash, falling off of a camel or into a 4″ subway gap, at some point, if you’re going to try to enjoy your trip you’re going to have to accept this risk, sack up and acknowledge the fact that you could get hurt when you leave your home.

Personally, I found that once I accepted this risk, realized how minuscule it was and moved past it, that my stress level went down and I started to genuinely enjoy my travels much more.