Hooters in Beijing: Short Shorts and Moral Righteousness

Hooters is all about saving fabric. The minimalistic uniforms and the comely staff members who fill them are aimed at drawing mostly male customers. As the Georgia-based restaurant chain goes global, one would probably expect more of the same. But, the Hooters in Beijing is not all about buxom waitresses hawking chicken wings and fries.

How can that be? The very name “Hooters” suggests nothing other than said buxom staff members, right?

The typical tank top and short shorts are still worn by the female staff, but the goal is not to fill them out in the same manner as at stateside Hooters. A server at Beijing’s Hooters told a journalist from McClatchy (who was there ONLY for the chicken wings): “It’s more sexy in the U. S. Here, it’s more about being healthy, friendly, cute and having moral righteousness.”

Hey, who says moral righteousness can’t go with short shorts and chicken wings. By the way, Beijing’s Hooters also features the occasional dance number, preformed by the staff to appropriately kitschy music. Perhaps the brand has lost something in translation.

The Toilet Restaurant

I once heard that you shouldn’t eat in the bathroom. I don’t know if that’s true, but here’s a twist. How about eating out of a bowl that looks like a toilet while you sit on seat that looks like a toilet? If that’s not enough toilet for you, dishes are also shaped like urinals and bathtubs. My friend Tom Barlow over at Blogging Stocks gave me the heads up on this one.

Leave it to someone in Taiwan to think of this and open a chain of them. The restaurants named Marton–Chinese for toilet–are popular with families with kids and young people. I can see the attraction. Novelty is key. Apparently, the food is also worth going back for. And if you like the idea of toilet dinnerware, you can pick up a ceramic toilet bowl on the way out. Unfortunately, the chain opened after I moved so I’ve never had the pleasure. I have some friends who still live in Taiwan who have probably eaten there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hsinchu, the city I lived in, doesn’t have a Marton in a couple locations.

Here’s another post with wonderful photographs I found at 2dayBlog.