Magdelana’s Party: A Rare Dining Experience In Buenos Aires

When visiting a new city, it’s important to become familiar with the local foods in order to better understand the culture. However, there are times when you might want to try a restaurant that offers something truly unique. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, that restaurant is Magdalena’s Party.

Located in the Palermo SOHO neighborhood of the city, Magdalena’s Party offers a truly American and street food-style combination of cooking that is not easily found in Buenos Aires. Specifically, California native and restaurant owner John Deutsch describes it as “California cuisine” with a street food influence. The fusion cooking is heavily influenced by Mexican and American cuisine with a bit of Asian flare. Moreover, ingredients are organic and the food is made from scratch without the use of preservatives and microwaving. To add a local touch, dishes use many fruits and vegetables from the region, like chilies, avocados, olives and kiwis. For example, while their everyday burritos and tacos offer a fresh take on street food in California, their Wednesday night popup menu, called POKE, offers tapas-style street food dishes. Offerings may include Thai chicken satay, Peruvian kebabs or Colombian-inspired fish tacos.

“Popup kitchens are growing worldwide,” explains Deutsch. “We like it because we’re a huge fan of the style of food, and in California cuisine you’ll find quite a bit of Asian influence. POKE is also a very fresh style of food with all fresh ingredients, so it was a perfect match for Magdalena’s Party.”