Ten National Parks and Three Countries

Mike and Courtney Hnatt traveled 10,000 miles through 10 national parks in the United States, Mexico and Canada. That’s a trip I feel a bit envious of, particularly after watching their video. Mike’s comment, “Wait, just a few more minutes,” in the comment section made me laugh. It sounded familiar and I have to say, I’m the one who usually says it when I want to see every last possible thing I can see past my family’s tolerance level.

This is a two minute trailer of the longer video. I love that they’ve included shots of themselves. Both look like they are having a blast, and are totally into whatever they are doing. For anyone wanting to sum up one of your trips in a video, I think this is a good example. There’s movement, emotion and a mix of angles and subject matter. Subjects are focused on long enough so that viewers know what they’re seeing, but not so long that the footage gets boring. The shots are also during different times of day which alters the lighting and adds visual interest.