The Vice Guide to Travel: Congo, Chernobyl, Beirut, and More!

VICE magazine is an offbeat, irreverent, uber-eccentric street magazine/media empire. Among its many side projects is a DVD series, featuring short documentaries arranged around a different theme. For their most recent DVD, the group from the Vice Guide to Travel went to the kinds of places that nobody wants to visit. Heading to such far-flung locales as the Pygmy villages of the Congo, the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl, and the bomb-pocked refugee camps of Beirut, the “correspondents” from Vice magazine are a fruit roll-up of Jackass, Borat, and Robert Young Pelton.

While I admire the chutzpah of these guys, you gotta wonder how much of it is fiction, how much of it is idiocy, and how much is out-and-out nerves of steel. Check out the trailer from the DVD, which’ll run you $20. Money well spent? Depends on if you like sitting around with a furrowed brow and your mouth hanging wide open in disbelief.

To see a few more clips from the DVD, head to YouTube.