Jam on Stage with Roger Daltry at Rock’n’Roll Camp

Let’s be honest here; is there anything on this planet more exciting than Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp?

How about Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp with Roger Daltry?

The Who frontman recently announced that he will be joining Joe Walsh, Slash, Vince Neil and a hodgepodge of other rock and roll royalty for the 10th annual event to be held this November in Las Vegas.

The concept is simple. Spend five days at camp with these legends and learn all of their rock star tips–like how to wildly swing a microphone in the air, for example. Then, on the final day, take the stage and perform alongside your idols as women tear off their shirts and throw their underwear at you. Or something like that.

Camp kicks off November 17th in Las Vegas, February 14th in Hollywood, and May 22nd in London. All you need is just $9,499 and you’re free to jam away to “Baba O’Riley” with the man himself.