Rock of Ages ‘Vagabond’ luggage tags

Luggage tags normally serve two purposes, but the new Vagabond luggage tags by Rock of Ages serve a third! Most tags help you identify your bag on the carousel and serve as a layer of security in case your bag is ever lost. Rock of Ages’ tags add something no bag tag has achieved before: sass.

As the proud owner of a black Briggs & Riley rollerboard, I can totally see the virtue in adorning my suitcase with a tag like the above. Alternatively, you can go for more colorful options bearing statements like “See You Later Alligator,” “Go in Peace” and “Good Karma – A Bag That Goes Around Comes Around.” Check out the gallery below for the full collection. It’s up to you how much of your personal sass you want to display on your baggage.

These cute tags are pure leather and feature goldtone hardware and a concealed identity tag. The Vagabond tags are available from for $30 apiece. Did someone just say “stocking stuffer” or did it just echo so loudly in my head that I thought that someone said it?