Meet the “Rotel,” the hotel on wheels

Why are hotels so stationary? Wouldn’t it be great if your hotel could travel along with you wherever you go? Apparently there is such a mobile accommodation, and it’s called the Rotel.

Website Jalopnik brings us up to speed on this unique hotel on wheels concept, a fleet of vehicles owned by a German company called Rotel Tours. A quick Google Translation of the company’s website offers some additional details. The “Rotel” concept was pioneered by entrepreneur George Höltl, who wanted passengers to be able to experience the remote corners of the world in a novel adventurous way. The company, which offers lie-flat bed tours of Europe, Africa and Asia, is rumored to have more than 3400 “beds on wheels,” with each vehicle accommodating between 20-40 sleeping passengers. Sleeping bunks on the Rotel are approximately six feet long, three feet wide and three feet high. Not luxurious, but big enough for crashing.

While the idea of traveling by Rotel seems whimsical and fun, it leaves me with a few unanswered questions. How long are you traveling on this thing each day? And wouldn’t it get a bit rank in a vehicle where you’re living in there all the time with 20 strangers? All vehicles are equipped with bathrooms, but unfortunately, no showers. Nothing says good times like a multi-week trip without bathing!